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How to JOIN quilting block swaps Australia

Hello and thank you for visiting. This is a community group for all Australian quilters to join or just follow. Membership is FREE and you are partnered each month and we make each other a 12 inch quilt block based on our preferences which we swap. (12.5 inches raw edge to raw edge) The emphasis of the group is on friendship and sharing. To find out more or register to join email me on This purpose of this blog is to chat and showcase blocks and quilts made by members, kind of like a show and tell . Yours in stitching, Sue

Monday, April 2, 2012

Civil war prints

This beautifully made block is winging its way to Sue in Scotland from Vicki in New South Wales

This block is a perfect example of a lovely block that anyone would be happy to receive,
 well done Vicki.

I have received an email lately from a disappointed member regarding  the blocks they have received.

I am not naming names, nor am I going to email the lady that made and sent these blocks but have decided to show the offending blocks as a lesson to all of us.

The yellow background shows the 12.5 inch square so you can see that they are clearly undersized.
The seams and points do not meet and the block is not well made and crooked.  Dark fabric is used, but a light thread which shows in the seams.  Its like not a lot of love has gone into making this block, which would have been stunning if it was well made.

The second block sent is also undersized, and the selvidges are clearly visible as the fabric was not trimmed before being used.  Not trimming your selvideges is a big no no in quilting land.

Remember when making a block for your member to:

1. Trim the selvidges before cutting the fabric
2. Measure your block and ensure that its 12.5 inches raw edge to raw edge and
3. Make sure that it s square.

Only send a block that you would be happy to receive,


Jan said...

I have also received a block that was the wrong size - nearly 12" by nearly 12 1/2". I would have unpicked and restitched but the pieces were the wrong size.
It is a pretty block and I am disappointed that I can't include it with those I already have.
A finished 2" square must be cut at 2 1/2" and sewn with careful 1/4" seams.

Sue B said...

Thanks Jan
it is imporant to be accurate on your cutting and on your seams even in the simplest of blocks.

Maria said...

I think you hit the nail on the head by saying
"Only send what you would like to receive"