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How to JOIN quilting block swaps Australia

Hello and thank you for visiting. This is a community group for all Australian quilters to join or just follow. Membership is FREE and you are partnered each month and we make each other a 12 inch quilt block based on our preferences which we swap. (12.5 inches raw edge to raw edge) The emphasis of the group is on friendship and sharing. To find out more or register to join email me on This purpose of this blog is to chat and showcase blocks and quilts made by members, kind of like a show and tell . Yours in stitching, Sue

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hi everyone, I am very excited to announce a new blog for those of us feeling Chrissmassy all year round.  Crafty Pug and I have teamed up to run two sister swaps, side by side.  Quilting block swaps Australia and Christmas Quilting block swaps Australia. 
Head on over to her blog at by clicking on the button on the left side bar of this blog for  for all the details. 

We will be running the swaps in groups of 12, and request that you only participate in one Christmas swap at any given time.  So those of you in the first Christmas swap will be ineligible to join (sorry) until you have swapped with all 11 other members of this first group.  Once the second group fills a third Christmas swap will commence and so on.  Members can participate in the standard group and any one of the Christmas groups. Also, if you are in the first Christmas group, please start popping your posts of the Christmas blocks only on the Christmas block swap site.  Crafty will send all members invited to post directly onto this blog.  A button is also being created to link to your blog and this one all together.

Email either me or Crafty pugs if you have any questions.  Jingle bells Jingle bells

September block to Mary from CathyC

My block to Mary in Canada has safely reached its destination - it seemed to take 'forever'  ;-)

I posted a snippet earlier, so here is the full pic

Mary requested any block in teals or neutrals (no neons or novelty)
this block is Annie's Choice and is a real pleasure to make ;-)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Swap II

Today I got a lovely surprise in the letterbox:
Yes it's my lovely Baby Bunting block from Kathy!  It's gorgeous! (much nicer than my dodgy one handed photo shows!).  My quilt is going to look lovely!!
Kathy requested the Twist block in limes and a hint of aqua:

This will be my last swap for a while since I'm sitting out October.  The only sewing going on this week has been on my arm and not by me! ;-P

I look forward to seeing all the October blocks and hope to be back in full force in november!

Xmas Swap - RoUnD #2

This is to tease Cathy...just a little bit !
I mailed off her new block so hopefully it will find a home with her in SA.

Just a peek now...

 This is soooo much fun !

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hi girls
By now you should have all received your October block swap partners details.  We have 32 members participating in the swap this month with 6 for the first time.  How fabulous is that.  It took me ages to get all the emails off, and I hope I haven't mixed it all up.  Please make contact with your partner to touch base, and if you don't hear from them within a week let me know,  remember not everyone checks their emails everyday, so be patient.  And most importantly HAVE FUN.

My Block from Alex...

Here is my gorgeous block from Alex who amazingly completed my block before her hospital visit. Alex, thanks so much for the fabulous fabric choices, I just love it!

Alex, yours is finally on the way today, (after the sewing machine hiccup!)

Christmas block sent and recieved

It was lovely to get home today and find that Cathy's Christmas block had arrived in the mail.  I can see why you agonised over this Cathy, you did a simply superb job.  I absolutely love it, and especially the little felt poinsettia that you put in the centre - very sweet. 

Thank you soo much x

Cathys star for me

Marys star

I also made a Christmas star for Mary in Canada - A simple twist on the Ohio star block with a fussy cut reindeer centre.  It will be popped in the post tomorrow.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pats block for Leena

One of our new American ladies emailed me this pic of a Christmassy block that she has made for Leena, so its on its long journey from Oregon USA to Leena in Kensington NSW Australia.  Isn't it lovely and cheerful, well done Pat !

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two Sunshine awards

I have to say I have been honoured twice in the Sunshine award.  The first nomination came from Leona earlier this month, and as I was so busy at the time I completely forgot about it. 

Leona said "I enjoy following your blogs and appreciate the opportunity to be part of the block swap"  I am so sorry Leona for not commenting on this sooner.  I truly appreciate this recognition,  Thank you.

The second award came from Alex who is currently in hospital after having surgery on her wrist.  Alex said "i love reading your blog and keeping up to date with all that is going on for you- thanks for bringing some sunshine into my life!"  Thank you so much Alex - your strength and positive attitude is an inspiration to me.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A very fortunate find

I am soooo excited about this purchase that I wanted to share it with all of  my quilting friends.  For some time now (more than 10 years on and off),  I have been on the look out for an antique sewing table. 

Passing by an antique shop on Unley Road on Friday afternoon I glanced to my left and there is was.  I am so excited, it is in perfect condition, and is not only the cabinet but the original machine and instruction manuals and tools. Most of the ones I have come across have been missing the machine, or missing the timber top and replaced with marble.  This machine is a German made Gritzner and the antique dealer tells me it was made in 1910 but I cant find anything on the machine to verify that, it  has a serial number so I will do a bit of research.

I have popped my little collection of antique wooden cotton reels in one of the drawers as they match this quite well.  I might have a play with it over the next few days and see if I can get it to sew.  More postings on that.

my block from minette

This is the beautiful block I got from Minette I love it . All of my blocks are amazing and I cant wait to make my quilt hugs Beth

Friday, September 24, 2010


Yes, its that time of the month again for those of you participating in our Christmas swap (sorry numbers all filled).

I am going to start sending out the partners emails tonight so keep a look out for them.  Pop the Christmas Carols on the Ipod and get creating. 


Welcome to our FIRST NEW ZEALAND member Alethea and welcome Val from Victoria  and Julie from NSW.  So now we have members representing 4 great countries. 

a block from Dallas

Dallas' lovely block arrived today.

My autumn tones friendship quilt is starting to take shape  :-)

Leena`s block

Here is the block I made for Leena
I hope she likes it
hugs Beth

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Block received from....

Cheryl..... and it is just great!  Thanks, too, for the calendar....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hi Ladies,
With the influx of new members I often need to call upon other members to do more than one swap per month.  So far, I would like to thank
Crafty Pugs
Linden and
For volunteering to do more than one swap per month, but I need more helpers.  If its your first swap this month, I will be more than happy to call on you in future months but would like you to get into the swing of it first.  I do try to share it around and let everyone take turns.  However, it does seem lately that everyone is getting two swaps per month.
If you are happy to help out, please email me - A big quilted hugs thank you.  Sue

Also, just a quick note for those of you participating in the Christmas swap group (sorry to newbies, this was a fixed number and filled quickly so keep a lookout for the next one).  I should have your partners out to you before the end of this week.

My September block from Leona

Leonas block
Always exciting to receive a fat package when you get home, and this one was from Florida - such a idylic destination.  Thank you sooooo much Leona for your beautiful friendship star and the gorgeous gift of some vintage tea cup pattern - and in blue and white too! one of my fav colour combinations, I am so lucky xx

Ho Ho Ho

Sept Xmas swap

Yes it's beginning to look a little like Christmas at my place. Well this block certainly helps. Isn't it sooo cute with Santa in the heart. Even the strips have Xmas trees and the white has sparkly snow flakes on it.
Thanks Mary from Canada.

From CathyC to Dallas

Dallas has just sent me an email to let me know my block to her has arrived safely ;-)

So here is a full pic!

Dallas asked for a Star or Log Cabin block in autumn colours.   I have made up a Starflower block and Dallas is hoping to make a cushion out of this one as it matches her lounge suite :-)

Block from Mary in Canada

The materials are just gorgeous!

Look at all this lovely piecing - it is amazing!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blocks for Linden - Oops!

Hello Friends
I can't believe I posted these beautiful blocks on my blog, but didn't post them here. My sincere apologies! Thank you so much to my August partner Alex who graciously made me a second block when the first didn't arrive.

Sue was my September partner, and I think she showed off her square in an earlier post.
Rosemary was my September Christmas partner, and she sent this lovely block. I love the way she fussy cut and appliqued the stars. :-) The lighter fabric also has tiny red spots and is very cute! I went to the fabric store today and bought some Christmas fabric so will be making Rosemary's block poste haste.

Happy Stitching! :-)

The blocks keep on coming!

What a nice way to start off the week.
Debbie (from Canada) sent me this block and the postie delivered it today.
How GREAT is this group!
I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three new members ready for the October swap

Join me in welcoming 3 new members who will be swapping with us for the first time in October,

Bobbie from Queensland

Linda from California


Brigitte from Canada.

As with all members if you let me know your blog address  (If you have one) I will pop it on the side tool bar so we can all be follower in our little quilting community.

Just a note that those of you that participated in the Christmas swap group will be having your next months members details sent out some time next week, and the general swap partners will be sent out in the last week of the month.  We now have 29 members which is AWESOME !!

From Oz to Canada

I thought that you "fellow swappers" might like to see the block I sent over to Debbie in Canada. It has arrived safe and sound!
Debbie wished for any block in pinks & browns.

Nothing like fostering good international relations !!

Friday, September 17, 2010

September Swap I

Hi everyone!

I was lucky enough to have 2 swap partners this month!  I'm posting about my swap with Nolene now that we have both received our blocks!

Nolene requested the log cabin block from Quilter's Cache.  She chose a red centre square with black on white on one side and white on black on the other (the starting log should be white for uniformity).  I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Nolene sent me a green Baby Bunting block.  I'm making a quilt of these blocks in pastel colours on a white background and Sue chooses the colour for me as a surprise!  To see how it's progressing please visit my blog and click on the "block swap" tab at the top.

I'll post about my next swap with Kathy as soon as both blocks have been received!

My First Wonky Star Block !!!

  Hi Everyone

How special, this is my first block,  received from lovely Beth in Queensland. Thanks so much , Beth. Even a little card with a picture of the block on the front! So clever and creative. I love the colours, and the center block matches one of the colours in the star perfectly !

From Australia to Florida!

I received Sue's beautiful block in the mail for the September Swap! Thank you Sue!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quilt for a quilter- very sad story,

On the right hand tool bar is a link to a blog of a quilter.  (A quilt for Sue) The request is out there for fellow quilters donating their orphan blocks to her to make a quilt for her friend who is terminally ill.  Its a very sad story and moved me to read it.  I am donating a block and putting it out their to you - my quilting friends to help with donating orphan blocks.  Click on the link to read the story on her blog. Quilted hugs, Sue

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From WA to NSW

My beautiful block has arrived from Tarnyia...and I just LoVe It.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I know I know its not quilted yet, so technically its not finished,  but I have finished constructing the top of the friendship churn dash quilt. 

I am calling the quilt

 I just wanted to show you how its all come together.  I hope to pin it together into a quilt sandwich over the coming week and then begin the quilting process.  I will quilt in the ditch and around each churn dash to make them pop.

   So a big Quilted Hugs thank you to:  Cathy, Maree, Teena, Sandi, Leena, Cheryll, Alex, Beth, Crafty Pugs, Maria,  Alicia,  Debbie and Rosemary for your blocks that have made this quilt possible. xxxx

My block has arrived from Larain

Larains block for Sue
It was lovely to come home and find a parcel in the mail from Larain containing this beautiful block.  I love the fussy cut flower in the centre - simply stunning.  Thank you xx

My September blocks are on their way ;-)

Hi everyone, Cathy here

just a quick post to let my swap partners (Mary & Dallas) know that their blocks will be in the post on Thursday.

My September Block

I was delighted to recieve my beautiful September swap block from Teena yesterday.

I love the colours she used for my Jabob's Ladder.

Thank you Teena

September Blocks

Here is the block my partner Crafty Pug sent me along with a post card and some scraps of matching fabric. What a great ideal that I will be using thanks Crafty Pug. I love the block, name of block "Magic Cross".

From Australia with LoVe

Mary C just emailed me to say she received my Sept block and so I thought I would share it with you. Now my block has a new home in Canada with Mary.
Mary wished for a star block in traditional Christmas colours.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sue's Block!

This is the block that is on it's way for Sue Belleli! It will go out in the mail today! It is a friendship block made from Robin Pandolph's fabrics. I thought the friendship block would be a nice way to say hello across the miles! 
Leona (Florida, USA)

Welcome to Sandi from Florida

Several of you ladies would know Sandi as she has been the co-ordinatior of the American quilt swap group, which gave me the inspiration and idea to start up an Australian one.  Sandi has handed over the reins of that group to another member to run.  With this, she has decided to join our group - which is a real honour.  So join me in welcoming Sandi.  I will make a swap block for her this month, although she was my first ever swap partner.  Sandi is looking forward to getting to know all her new friends down under.
Also, just a reminder to get your blocks finished and posted out by the end of this month.  From emails received, I know you are all on track.  You all should have received a link to post directly on this blog, so please feel free to show them off - we all love to see the beautiful creations.

ps, just made Sandi's block, she is saving Australian themed blocks from her down under friends.  I think these cute Koala's fit the bill.

Linden's September Block for Sue

Hi friends
This is the block I made for Sue, my September swap partner. She asked for pink and green shabby chic. It's a traditional block pattern from Quiters' Cache, but embarrassingly I have misplaced the pattern and have neglected to note the name of it. I hope that you like it, Sue. It was fun to use fabric I wouldn't normally choose for myself - I have some left over so am thinking it will be good for pincushions and other little Christmas gifts.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Helpful button with tutorials- Amys creative side

Hi ladies,  I have just popped a button on the side tool bar to Amys Creative side.  She has fantastic tutorials on items such as perfect 1/4 inch seams.   Really cool and useful stuff  that I thought would be great to share.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Christmas block

Here is the block I made for Ann - our newest member and 3rd Canadian to join.  Ann requested Christmas theme in cream, green and gold, but I couldn't resist slipping in a bit of cheery red to finish it off.  I really enjoyed how this block came together - so easy with  great effect I will be sure to make a few more of these.

Hi All

Beautiful block from Leena
Hi All Beth here just doing a test post

have a fantastic day hugs Beth

Hi All !!!

WOW Sue thank you for setting this up. A great way of showing everyone our wonderful blocks our partner's have made.

I received this gorgeous Xmas block as well as a lovely piece of Xmas fabric and my first Chrissy card from Crafty Pug this week.  

Jacob's Ladder in country colours
is my request for my block swap.
Sue made my first block. Just love it!

Next Beth sent me this lovely block.

A big thank you to all the swappers for my gorgeous blocks.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Interactive blog is working

Shortly all members registered in the block swap group will receive an email to be a publisher on this blog.  So you can all use it to "show and tell" blocks you make and receive from each other.  And when all the blocks come together I can't wait to see the quilts we all make.

I also wanted to share the Country themed block I made for Paola,  she has had to withdraw from the group temporarily but I had already made this for her - so will still pop it in the post.  Hopefully she will be back swapping with us soon.  

Here is the link to my personal blog, if you havent already done so, please follow me


Great Job

I think a BIG "ThANk YoU" to Sue is in order.
Sue has organised this swap group and has gathered members from far & wide.
I never knew how much fun it would be and I encourage other bloggers out there to join us.

September blocks received!

hi all!
thanks to sue for making the blog interactive - will be so great to share our blocks all in the one place!

here are the lovely ones that i was lucky enough to receive this week....

my christmas block from Maria - so bright and festive - i love it!

and a very generous Alicia sent two blocks for the regular swap - aren't they gorgeous!

thanks so much for sharing your creativity with me ladies

pugs and kisses