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How to JOIN quilting block swaps Australia

Hello and thank you for visiting. This is a community group for all Australian quilters to join or just follow. Membership is FREE and you are partnered each month and we make each other a 12 inch quilt block based on our preferences which we swap. (12.5 inches raw edge to raw edge) The emphasis of the group is on friendship and sharing. To find out more or register to join email me on This purpose of this blog is to chat and showcase blocks and quilts made by members, kind of like a show and tell . Yours in stitching, Sue


Hi everyone. 

The idea of this page is to use it to showcase quilts made from blocks received in Quilting block swaps Australia. 

You need to email me the following details so I can display your quilts on this page for you.  It will be used ONLY to showcase quilts made with blocks received in the block swaps. 

1. One or two photos of the quilt
2. The name of your quilt
3. The completion date of the quilt
4. List the contributors of the quilt.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts with us.


WONKY SQUARE EYE SPY - Completed November 2013 by Fiona R

This is the quilt I have made from blocks Wonky Square Eye Spy blocks collected in 2011 and 2012.  As you can see I added some rainbow charms to the sides to widen the top.

People who contributed to this quilt by swapping blocks with me are.....

Beatrice, Raelene, Terry
Maria, Bobbi, Maria
Marie, Crafty, Teresa
Anorina, Sue, Sheila
Michell, Jolanda, Sylvia

THANK YOU to all of you.... a really fun quilt ...

By Sue B

Thank you to all of my swap partners that contributed to blocks in this quilt. It's a great example of by just picking a colour range and letting your partner choose what they make you and they all tie in perfectly together. I have to apologise as I forgot to keep track of who sent me all of the blocks so I cant thank you personally. 

RED ALL ABOUT IT - completed December 2012 By Sue P

I'd like to share with you my quilt 'Red All About it' which I made using some of my own blocks and others from my QBSA partners: Cathy, Sue, Beth, Leena and Elaine (RIP). Thank you all ladies for your lovely blocks. Here it is:

OWL QUILT - Completed July 20th 2012 By Melody 

The first of the two owl quilts I'm making using the gorgeous blocks I received from you is almost finished - it just needs binding and a label.

I think it looks fabulous - huge thanks to everyone whose block is here.
Melody. . You can visit her blog HERE

Black KaT - completed June 14th 2012 By Sue B 

A few weeks ago I showed you the flimsy but now I can proudly show you the completed quilt.

This is the fourth quilt that I have made with blocks received in the QBSA block exchange, and I think they keep on getting better.

I have been calling this one blazing arrows swap quilt, as a reference to the style of block used, but now its complete I have renamed it BlacK KaT. As I mentioned in a previous post this if going to be a gift for my girlfriend Deb who is an avid cat lover, and turns 50 in July.

I started collecting these blocks in September 2011, and one member (Beatrice from France) kindly sent me two identical blocks in my exchange with her, so I used this extra block to make a matching cushion.

The quilt is really very multicultural blocks coming from

Beatrice - France (2)
Brenda - USA
Cathy - Canada
Encara - Spain
Erin - Australia
Raelene - Australia
Teresa - Portugal and
Helen - Australia (2)

completed April 2012

This quilt was completed by Maria Wilson and its the second quilt she has made since being a member of QBSA

Contributors of the quilt are
Debbie,Lynda, Cathy.C, Anne Mc, Isabelle, Leena, Rosemary, Jolanda, Amria, Raelene and Dawnelle


completed Feb 2012

I have another quilt top finish to share, and the exciting part about this quilt is that it is made not only with blocks received in the 12 inch block exchange, but also from blocks received in the 6 inch block swap. I have named this quilt Bold Stars.

I have send this quilt top off to  AUSSIE HERO'S The ladies involved are making and sending quilts and laundry bags to our Aussie men and women serving in Afghanistan and I have send this off  as a gift from the lovely ladies of QBSA.

Some ladies have made both 6 and 12 inch blocks featured in this quilt. I do have a couple of blocks that I had forgotten to record who has sent them to me, and for this I apologise.

Here are the contributors of the blocks that make up this quilt in no particular order:
Julie Deith, Carmen Johnson, Leanne Harvey, Noelene Fraser x 2, Linda Gilli (centre block): Fiona Robinson, Anna Schuring x2, Larissa Hart x2 , Cheryl Murray x 4, Leena Liew x2, Coralie Wallace x2, Sharon Vroom x2, Robyn Larkin x2, Janet Rushant x2, Sally de Wijn x2, Sue Stubbings x2, Vanessa Roberts x2, Jolanda Pandiscia-Bressan x2, Lynette Peters x2, Catherine Richards and Sylvia Ulrich.
If you have made me a bold star and your name is not here, let me know and I will add your name.
Thank you for your contribution
Cathys Autumn quilt By Cathy C
Completed January 2012
This stunning quilt is made from blocks received as a member of
 Quilting Block Swap Australia and Block Swap Adventure.

QBSA below in blue
Such a lovely snuggle quilt


Leena's SPOOLS quilt

Quilt completed January 2012
My charming contributors are ( names are from Top to Bottom) :

Left Row                Middle Row                 Right Row
Heather Gatti          Bobbie Bartlett             Brenda T
 Crafty Pugs             Helen Rhodes              Sheila Munro
         Sue Stubbings         Tanya Simmons            Shauna Bushfield
   Maria Wilson          Bobbie Bartlett            Maria Nelson
P/S Bobbie contributed 2 Blocks, but if you don't see your block here, not to worry, I am saving them later days. Thanks again ladies.

 Julie Deiths quilt (Jules)
Completed September 2011

You asked me to email you with the finished quilt and here it is!
I finished the quilt with most of the BOM's that I have received.
My swap partners were: (I hope I've got it correct!)

Leanne,Leona, Alicia, Alice,Leena, Lyndell,Elaine,Maree,Larissa, Brigette, Sue & Sylvia

I added more borders and ended up with a queen sized quilt.
I LOVE how it turned out.
I have also blogged about it.
Thanks again for organising this swap.
Cheers...Julie (Jewells)


Anorinas quilt (Samelias mum)

This is the striking quilt that Anorina made during her time as a member of our quilting block swap group.
Unfortunately I do not have a list of who made each block, but the members that were her partners are:

Cathy, Teena, Jane, Rosemary, Fiona, Doris and Teresa

Its a fabulous example of the quilts that can be made as a member of this group


MARIE'S JACOBS LADDERS - Completed June 2011

Here is a photo of the completed Jacob’s ladder Quilt.Block contributors are –

Beth Dasecke, Nolene Fraser, Fiona 2 blocks
Teena Kane, Syliva Mc Guire Cheryll Shannon
Kathy Smail, Leona Avny
Mary Chow, Minette Brits
Sue Belleli, Tarniya Scott, Helen Rhodes

I must have one missing. There are 15 in the quilt.
Wonder if any of the ladies can find there blocks.
Hugz Marie


SUE'S SHABBY STARS- Completed May 5th 2011
By Sue B 

Contributing members (L-R)
Top row: Linda, Brigette, Dallas
Middle row: Teresa, Teresa, Larrain
Bottom row: Tarnyia, Lynette, Leona

Thank you so much ladies for your gorgeous stars that have all made this quilt possible

Quilt measures 62" square. 
Perfectly sits on top of a Queen bed


LEENA'S - TRICKY CARDS- Quilt top completed EARLY 2011.

This is a lovely example of a fabulous quilt made by members blocks in the swap. 
Leena Says:  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members for their lovely fabrics used and their fantastic Blocks. It's been a pleasure swapping with them.

Contributing members are as follows , Left to Right:-

Top Row - Val Dickinson, Sue Belleli, Cathy Cates
2nd Row - Beth Dasecke, Julie Deithe, Teena Kane
3rd Row - Linda Gilli, Pat Smith, Terri Knapp
4th Row - Rosemary Robinson, Robyn Larkin, Ann McGregor

Quilt Top measures 94" X 58"

FRIENDSHIP CHURN - Completed August 2010
By Sue B

This was made with the help of the following ladies: Cathy, Maree, Teena, Sandi, Leena, Cheryll, Alex, Beth, Crafty Pugs, Alicia, Maria, Debbie, Rosemary and me (Sue) and completed in August 2010.  My choice was churn dash in browns, blues and creams.