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How to JOIN quilting block swaps Australia

Hello and thank you for visiting. This is a community group for all Australian quilters to join or just follow. Membership is FREE and you are partnered each month and we make each other a 12 inch quilt block based on our preferences which we swap. (12.5 inches raw edge to raw edge) The emphasis of the group is on friendship and sharing. To find out more or register to join email me on This purpose of this blog is to chat and showcase blocks and quilts made by members, kind of like a show and tell . Yours in stitching, Sue

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy making August blocks

I Know I know, its not even August yet, and here I am showcasing two blocks made for my August swap partners.  But in all fairness, with 5 new members for the month I had to get ahead.  I am planning to start my 3rd one tomorrow, (pattern and fabric ready to go), and then number 4 after that.  Crafty Pug is helping with a second swap with new member #5 Paola, and I promise to share this around with any future new members throughout the month for those of you that have offered to do an extra swap as needed. 

These two blocks are Baby bunting for Alex.  Alex is saving this pattern in pastel / gelati colours on white, and I am to choose the colour each month so it will be a surprise for her, and this way she wont get double ups.  For the first month I have used baby blue, with a hint of pink and green to tie it into future blocks.  Think mango and pistachio ice cream or baby pink and lemon for the coming months.  The other swap is for Cheryll.  This Christmas themed block is what gave me the idea for the second monthly swap.  I recall seeing this naive pattern in a quilting magazine * by Ruth Buchanan and thought it was sweet.  Cheryll is saving green on white, but I did put a hint of gold in there too and sewed the star with a sparkly filament thread to make it Chrissmassy.  I will post these two blocks to their recipient's on Monday.  I hope you like them.  Sue xx

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Register for a second Christmas themed swap

A few members have suggested they would like to do a second block  swap in a month, so to steal an idea from Cheryll, who is saving Christmas themed blocks how does the idea sound if those of you wishing to do a second swap are paired up to make a Christmas themed block.  And if all go's to plan before Christmas 2011 we should all have enough blocks to each put together a Christmas themed quilt which is a collective Christmas present from all of the members.

Post a comment if you would like to join in and we can start this one from September.

On another note I also forgot to mention that today I (sadly) withdrew from the American swap - as our Australian group has taken off so well I am certainly keeping myself very busy staying in contact with you all and following your blogs and co-ordinating the swaps- I am loving it. I will still follow their blog of course and may start up with them again some time in the future.

I also should have enough churn dash blocks for assembling in a quilt after the August swap so stay tuned to see them come together. I am planning to set them on point and just need to play with some colours for the background fabric to tie them all in together. Of course this will be after August blocks are received. I cant wait to see how it will look when all done. So now I have to think about another block and colour scheme for my next swapping project.

quilted hugs, Sue. xx

Some more July blocks on display

Thank you Maria for the wonderful churn dash block I received from you today, and the photograph of your local quiltings group - airing of the quilts.  I love to see these displays and go to as many here in SA as I possibly can.

I also have recieved a Friendship star from Mary in California which was a wonderful surprise as I swapped with Mary back in May - I made Mary a Sunbonnet Sue block, but forgot to photograph it before I posted it which I regret now.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take 2 - Welcome member 11

Join me in welcoming Paola to our group - dare I say it again, now we have 11 members with 5 newbys thus far for August swaps and its not even August until the end of the week.

I thank everyones offers for multiple swaps if I need them and will certainly take you up on this.  So as I get emails from new members I will take it in turns offering you a second swap for each month.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Teena's block for July

I feel terrible for Teena being let down with her July swap partner so I got myself busy tonight and whipped this one up for her.

Teena was the first member to join our group and I had the pattern from this first swap safely tucked away.  I decided on a toile block in navy and fussy cut the centre piece.  I am pleased with it and I hope Teena likes it.  Will pop in the post in the morning. Off to bed now xxx

July blocks on show

Its lovely to see the blocks members are making for each other.   Featured here are 2 gorgeous ones.  Cathy made Leena this beautiful card trick block - didnt she get the points perfect.

And Leena made this stunner for Cathy.  Such precision in those seams - puts me to shame I fear.  I thought you would all love to see them.

they come and they go

Sadly Maree has decided to pull out of our swap group as she has been so busy.  she may re join at a later stage. Sorry Teena, she didnt even get yours done for July.  I will reallocate Marees member (Maria) for August with Beth.  Both ladies will get an email with the details shortly. Just remember if this happens to you, rather than take a whole month to let me know and not make a block for some one please please please let me know sooner than later as I can reallocate a swap partner so we dont have dissapointed members.  Thanks xx

Welcome new member # 11 - Beth

Hi all, it was nice to get home from work and have a full inbox from everyone excited about the August swap and about how the group is growing. 
Beth confirmed she is joining so that 4 new members doing their first swap in August.  If you are interested I have put a members list on the left column of the blog with the month of the first swap.  I thought it was a good idea to track the growth of members and how many we get each month.
So far I have been doing the first swap with all new members so I have 4 to get underway.  I have to admit I did cheat and start Alex's block over the weekend and also researched one for Cheryl but I do have 4 to do so needed a head start. 
If our member list continues to grow like this and you want to volunteer to do 2 swaps a month, one with your swap partner for the month and one with a newby just let me know by flicking me an email.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

August Swap partners unleashed....

Hi Ladies,  as I know every one is super keen and excited to do the August swap and for three of you its your first swap I am starting to send the emails out tonight.  I am pretty sure I can do a template and then copy the relavant bits in so stay tuned to your emails to receive your August swap partner.  Remember you have all of August to make the block so no need to rush, just have fun.

Post script:
There was an email in my inbox from Beth wanting some information on joining our group so now we are at 11.  Its on fire !!

Another UFO completed

This is a stunning Japanese quilt that I have made for my dear sister in law Margaret.  Its a gift for her 60th birthday but I know I am safe putting it on here as she is not a computer user at all.  Margaret loves all things Oriental and we often joke that she was a Geisha in a past life.
The design is by Elizabeth Camping and its called Pathways to the Wells. I made it at a 2 day course at Patchwork by Sea back last summer - in Jan if I can recall.  But never got around to the binding.  But tonight that is done yay.  Now I can safely tuck it away for her birthday later this year. In the sidebar log I have put the photo with Robbie my Bichon sitting on it.  When ever I lay a quilt on the floor he always sits on the centre. 
As you can well see by my log I have been busy this July getting a lot of projects completed although Hooterville is yet to be bound I will get onto that... I promise.  I guess the cold nights lend itself to less outdoor activities and more stitching time.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Member #10 has arrived !!

Time for BIG celebrations as we welcome member number 10 Rosemary. 

Its amazing how quick we are growing which is fantastic.  I have had to get an excell spreadsheet going to keep track of everyones addresses, preferances and who they have swapped with - but its all in good fun.

Join me in welcoming Rosemary to our group, she is a new quilter too and excited about expanding her skills as we all learn from each other.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A new look- now its looks like a quilting blog

Hubby is watching the footy, so what better way to spend my time updating the look of the blog.  I can't seem to find any of the fabulous backgrounds with a craft theme to use.
If any one can help with where I can find some crafty backgrounds would love to know about it and how I can apply them to this blog.

Since posting this Alex has told me where to find blog backgrounds - google of course.  Cant believe I didnt think to look there, I google everthing else in life!  I found a quilting one that I think works well.  Its a bit busy compared to what we had.  It needs some tweeking to get it looking right, but sadly haven't got time this morning as I have to work today.  Let me know what you think of it.  

Sherees red white and black quilt

Very excited to complete the top of this quilt, its a square in a square so a simple design with the squares being off set from centre.  I chose a French theme using a layer cake + other fabric featuring Eifell Towers.  Have the backing fabric sorted and will bind this in black the same as the peeper border.  I also have enought fabric left over to make a matching cushion.  I will get to work quilting it over the weekend.  Just wanted to show it off now.  I think its stunning.
Adaption of Moon shadow APQ Vol 19 #2

Thursday, July 22, 2010

quick find button

Quilting Block Swaps Australia
Crafty pugs - a very clever lady figured out how to put a link on your blog direct to this blog.  Simply copy the text in the link box below and post it onto your blog and it should put this as a button on your blog.  all tested and working ok,

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pugs block has arrived - and welcome new members Alex and Cheryll

I managed to get home a little early from work today, and as well as a lovely package of some more country themed fabrics ( a recent ebay purchase), I also received Crafy Pugs block in the mail.  Its just perfect,.. thank you so much.  Its also lovely to receive the notes and cards with the blocks and I have to say without a doubt Crafty Pugs note is the most interesting - it is made from paper which is made from recycled wombat poo!  How extraordinary is that..  I cant say that I would have ever imagined using it for that purpose.

We already have 2 new members starting their first block swap in August and I am looking forward to doing their first swaps.  I now know what each of them would like so its off to the pattern books (or google) and also to my stash to start planning.  I will be emailing all other members their August swaps next week .

I have received enough blocks now from my USA and Australian groups combined to start playing around with them, and its really interesting how they all do fit together quite well.  I plan to put them together in a quilt when I have about 12, so I am getting there as I think I have 7 so far.  When the quilts done I will be sure to publish a photo of it - but for now here is the lovely block crafty Pugs made for me.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More blocks - sent and received

Featured here is the beautiful Churn dash block that Leena sent me, I have had it for awhile, just keep forgetting to photograph it and put it on the blog, but here it is.  Thank you Leena, I "LOVE IT".

Also featured here is a Jacobs ladder block for Maria one of our new members for the month of July.  Maria has requested Jacobs ladder in creams/ neutrals with country colours so it gave me a chance to use this fun print I had with sunflowers and blue berries - very country I think.  I hope Maria likes her block, it will be popped in the post to her on Monday.

Still raining here in Adelaide, so I have done the ironing and made this block for Marie, now onto something else.  I have no unfinished quilt tops therefore I am debating over starting a new one. I have a few on my list to begin, one for me (or maybe mum) - in reproduction/ civil war prints, one for my daughter Sheree who wants a modern retro red, black and white quilt for her newly decorated bedroom or an eye spy for my neices daughters birthday (thats not until December so I have plenty of time).  My UFO pile is down to 3, so I think I can indulge in starting another. Just which one - so I am off to play with my fabric and decide on this.  Bye until next posting.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Growing and Growing

What a fabulous month its been for new members, so far this month we have welcomed Crafty Pug and Cheryll and today I received another email from Marie wanting to join who saw this blog on Crafty Pugs blog - isnt the internet great for networking.

Therefore a big welcome to member number 8  - our first " West Australian" - Marie.
I anxiously await both Cherylls and Maries colour and block choices to get to work on their first swap

Its been absolutely pouring down here in Adelaide this week so what better way to spend the evenings quilting.  On Monday night I finished Crafty Pugs block (that was posted today), and last night I completed the binding on one of my UFO's that has been sitting in my pile for several months now.  This one is called Nells flowers (from P&Q Magazine) but I chose not to do the scalloped border as that a little beyond my skill set.  Its in keeping with my flavours of browns blues and creams of present with a bit of red thrown in for good measure.  Its a lovely warm looking quilt, and as you can see it gets the tick of approval from Billy my Cavalier.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friendship star for a new member

Crafty pugs, our new member requested any block in blues, browns and greens so looking through my quilting books I came accross the "FRIENDSHIP STAR".  To me this is a perfect block for a friendship block swap group, its simple - but refined.  I am really pleased with how it turned out.  I may have to make one for myself and use it in the centrepiece of a cushion or something useful.
Also a warm quilted welcome Cheryll, member number 7.  I am waiting for Cheryll to decide what blocks / colours she would like to begin with.  Cheryll is a relatively new quilter and a little anxious about her skill levels.  I would like to take this opportunity to mention to all members, that it does not matter if you are an expert or a beginner, the group is all about sharing and making new friends and each block made for you is a gift to treasure and appreciate. If a member requests a block pattern that is a little to challenging for you, let them know, I am sure they can then chose a substitute block for you to make for them

Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome Crafty Pug -

A warm welcome to crafty Pug, our new member for July and a fellow South Aussie.
I am making her a "mystery block" in blues, creams and greens.  so now the fun of sorting through my stash for a great colour combination, and then onto the mags for a block.  :-)

Friday, July 9, 2010

ABC Quilt - almost complete

I have been busy working on this all week,  After my last post I ironed the cut out shaped in position and  here are the photos of the applique stitching being completed.

 Next I decided on sashings to match the blue of the cars with a yellow centre which was the same fabric from the boat to tie it all in together.  I then put on a border of a pretty blue and decided on some cornerstones in a pretty spot with a bit of pink just to break up the blue and yellow a little bit. 

I purposely decided not to do this exactly as the pattern with borders around each of the ABC blocks as I like the symetry of this, I did the original quilt I made "by the book" and although its very sweet it does look a little unbalanced to me

 Finally I put on wide yellow borders with a white spot.  I always like the freshness of yellow and white - kind of like daisies. 
I still have to quilt and bind this so more to follow.  I think I have enough of the fine check used on the sails to bind this with.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July block swap

I have been quite busy with my quilting lately,  I have finished Nicoles baby's Noahs Ark quilt including the quilting and the binding.   I didnt purchase enough of the backing fabric from spotlight and when I went back to see if I could get more they didnt have anything remotely like it,  So I decided to block piece the back with some ABC animal prints that I had from a layer cake.  I am really pleased with the result only wish I gave a little more thought to placement of the colours of the blocks.

I have also managed to complete my USA July block swap partners block.  Debbie is my first Canadian block swap member so I really am going global :-)
As Debbie is happy to receive any style of block I decided to do another version of the Jacobs ladder one that I made for Maree a couple of months ago as I was really pleased with how this turned out.  Her only request was pink and brown.  I have some very pretty pink and brown butterly print so I have used this with a tone on tone brown and a tone on tone pink. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

ABC quilt for Scott and Kelly

A good friend of my husbands and mine Scott Mathews and his partner Kelly are expecting a little baby boy in December so I have decided to make them by Alphabears quilt.  This is a fav of mine, having already made it for my first gransdon Mitchell, and a friend at works Jane. 

 Both versions, I forgot to photograph.  Therefore I thought I would go one more on this and document the making of it until the finished result.

Last night I went through my blue and yellow stash and chose an array of fabrics to use.

I then traced the pattern on visoflex (not sure if thats what its called, but quilters know what I mean), and ironed the cut out shapes onto fabric.

As my hubby Serg settled down to watch Adelaide thrash Essendon, I settled down to labouriously cut out the shapes. 
Today, I have to dig out some back ground fabric and iron them all in place and then begin the applique process.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Noahs Ark quilt in the making

This is the second Noahs Ark quilt I have made.  The first one came to me as a BOM and was in the original soft pastel tones. 

 I delighted in giving this to my new baby grandson Leonardo.  It now proudly hangs on his bedroom wall.  When my step daughter Nicole gave us the news she was also expecting a baby (due in September), I decided to make another one this time in brights, edged in black after seeing this version in a quilting magazine. 
The photos here show me pinning the quilt ready for quilting and then quilting on my machine, I have just finished all the straight edged bits around the ditch in each section and now I am about to change over to my BSR foot and do the free motion quilting around the animal shapes and filling in large gaps.  I also couldnt resist capturing my cat "Josie" in the photo as she - curiously was sneaking a peek into my sewing room.