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How to JOIN quilting block swaps Australia

Hello and thank you for visiting. This is a community group for all Australian quilters to join or just follow. Membership is FREE and you are partnered each month and we make each other a 12 inch quilt block based on our preferences which we swap. (12.5 inches raw edge to raw edge) The emphasis of the group is on friendship and sharing. To find out more or register to join email me on This purpose of this blog is to chat and showcase blocks and quilts made by members, kind of like a show and tell . Yours in stitching, Sue

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Swap Blocks.

This is my lovely February Block I received from Sharryn…


Only a few more Yellow and Blue blocks and I can put them together for a nice single bed quilt.
Sharryn asked for any block made in Black and Whites.


and this is what I made for her….

Hugz  Maria…..

Monday, February 25, 2013

My computer is back home.

My computer is back home from the computer hospital with all nasty viruses gone. YAY.  I am so lucky that no data has been lost, but my computer has been restored to its original factory settings so I need to spend some time and get it all back how I like it.

Lessons I have learned.

1.  Back up your computer
DH and I had NEVER backed up anything, so we are very lucky that we have not lost any thing.  We have now purchased an external hard drive and I will diligently back up weekly.

2. Ensure that your virus protection is up to date.
We thought ours was but it turns out that it was about a year out of date and was not keeping up with all of the nasties that are sent around the Internet.

So what happened you may ask...

I was opening and reading my emails as you do, in the normal manner and one of the websites that I love and regularly purchase fabric from had sent me an email about a sale, so of course I clicked on the link to have a look and enjoy some eye candy - retail therapy web based.  And WHAM, my computer froze.  I tried to shut down on the little X - no luck, so tried Cntrl Alt Delete - no luck so I just switched it off.

On rebooting the computer a message came up that I had a catastrophic error.  gulp.....

The repair man said that the virus was a Trojan, and had probably been lying idle in my computer waiting to strike.  It was nothing to do with the website that I was visiting, ( thank goodness), so I can feel safe to continue to shop with them.

So I have a bit of arranging and updating to do getting everything back to familiar and I should be able to get the March swap partnerships out on time this weekend.

So pretty...

Running behind a bit on posting as my hubby had surgery and I am very busy being the nurse-maid.
It was a pleasant treat to get the mail after coming home from sitting in the hospital  and find this beautiful block!
Thank you so much Helen from Waratah!
You did a lovely job.
Lori USA
P.S. Hubby is doing well and home the children and I are all caring for him so he has many care-givers and we are on our way to a long recovery, however we will look back and be glad once we are done with this part. As with all things...this too shall pass!

February block...and more

I sent this Anvil block to Encarna in Spain. I hope she will like it!
And for January I received this beautiful block from Karen. I know that Karen blogged about this in a previous post, but I had to show it! It`s the Depression block but I didn`t get depressed at all getting it!
And this is the one I sent to Karen. I really like this Plaited block! I wish I could get the time and make a quilt of those for myself.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feb Blocks

This is my block I am sending to Terry F.  She asked for any block in children novelty or brights, made this Churn Dash for her.

This is the Pinwheel block Terry sent me.

CathyC's Catchup

Once again, I have been remiss in posting blocks sent and received here in the group blog - hangs head in shame :(

October - sent to Debbie

here is what Debbie sent me ;-)

November- sent to Janeene.
12-11 for Janeene
This block has been sent to Janeene, but unfortunately, I haven't heard if it has arrived and I haven't received a block in return  :(

December - Dawn
As I have had no contact from this partner, I have kept this block for myself ;-)  

I was most unfortunate to finish off 2012 get two 'one-sided' swappers in a row - most frustrating :(

January 2013
sent to Karen

two GORGEOUS blocks from Karen

which brings me to February 2013

sent to Vicki

received from Vicki

Annie's Choice for Ann

This 'Annie's Choice' block is on its way to Ann in Nova Scotia, Canada. Isn't it a striking block? Jeneta x

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Block from my Feb. Partner

Today I received my block from Ank in the Netherlands who was my February partner.
I was in total ahhh when I opened it up and realized that she hand stitched every stitch on the block.
She sent me some wonderful extras also.
I haven't hand stitched blocks in a long time and don't know if I could even go back to it since I have been so spoiled with my sewing machine.  The only hand stitching I do now is the quilting.
Thank you so much Ank for taking the time to put so much energy into doing this block.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tragedy has struck

My laptop has a virus and I have lost google, windows and all of the excell spreadsheets that contain the groups data base.  Yep, all the names, addresses, block choices GONE.

DH is taking it to the repair shop tomorrow and x fingers that he can fix it and restore all of the data back.  Failing this I am going to have to start from scratch and gather all of this information again,  Thankfully every one is a saved contact in hotmail so I can email you all if I need to.

For now, we won't panic, so no need to email me all of your details unless you receive an email from me asking you to do this.  I have my iPad , which is where I am writing this post from, and I can get into hotmail on this for now, but it is a work supplied iPad so I can't save personal stuff on it.

Worse case, the March pairing may be delayed depending on what happens at the computer repairers tomorrow.  X finger for me that everything can be saved.

January and February 2013 for Sew Well Maide

Time today to share my latest block activity.

 These four blocks are my 'give' (top) and 'get' (bottom) blocks for January and February.

My January block was made for me by Carin from Ullharvan.  Carin is in Sweden (our Aussie Swap Block group is very multi-national!!) and the block I made for her (top left hand corner of top photo) went to her via a little side trip to Nambucca Heads in NSW. Australia!  When I mailed it I was also mailing my Care at do.Good Stitches blocks and switched the envelopes!!  Thank you to my two long suffering partners who mailed the blocks to each other!!

My February block was made for me by Sue from Sue's Quilty Bits and Bobs.  I so love the orange and pink fabric.  When Sue asked me what colours I would like so as not to 'over balance' any one colour in my accumulated blocks to date, I initially said 'no pink'.  Sue responded saying that was a shame as she had this great orange and pink number!  Well what's a gal to do - bring on the orange and pink I said and 'over balance' be damned!  Great decision! Thankfully, when I sent Sue her block (top right hand corner of the top photo) I was much more diligent and mailed it correctly.

I now have ten fantastic blocks towards my quilt to be.  Time soon to start making some decisions - how big do I want my quilt to be, how many more blocks do I need, to sash or not to sash, borders ........ ?  Ah the fun of decisions - so much better than which bill to pay first or the oft asked question "Hey Mum what's for dinner?"!!!!

Until next time, happy quilting, knitting, sewing, crafting ....


Monday, February 18, 2013

Calling all swappers

Our sister group 6 inch block swaps is in danger of extinction, which will be a very sad affair.  With a recent bout of resignations we are down to 12 members in this group now, and if membership gets much less than this it wont be a viable swap to run.
So, if you are thinking about having some mid month fun, why not join us.
Swap partners are sent out in the middle of the month and we make each other two little blocks each measuring 6.5 inches raw edge to raw edge.
Its a great way to use up all of those little scraps, and just look at some of the quilts and blocks you can make with the versatile 6 inch block
Buttercupbatik butterfly
2 basketsMegans April 6 inch
You can mix them up in a quilt with your 12 inch blocks as this one below
Bold stars
Or make a cute quilt all from the 6 inch blocks
little sailboats
February partners have just been allocated but it would be lovely to see some new faces joining us next month for the March swap.  Just email me with your choices and colours if you want to join.  Sue, swap co coordinator.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

February Partners...

This month I was lucky enough to have two swap partners
they both had a wish for the Churn Dash Block...
Carole from the UK wished for hers in any colours
but after I emailed her for a choice on background colours
this is the end result
 a pale yellow background 
and the photo doesn't do the fabric any favours...

My next partner is Linda from Queensland and she wished for pastel colours
and once again the photo doesn't do the fabrics any favours???
These will be in the mail this week girls.
Luv T xxx

Saturday, February 16, 2013

January swap

 This is the beautiful block that I received from Brenda in Ohio as my Jan swap. What a way to start the year. It is fabulous. I love the fabrics and am in awe of the workmanship. Sorry it's taken so long to post but a new laptop has had me a bitwary of doing anything.. so technologically inept I am.Thanks Brenda for being my partner.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Feb. Block for Kym

Kym's request was for a Log Cabin block done in purples and yellows with an orange center.
This was interesting for me as my selection of purple fabrics was sadly lacking.
But not anymore! lol

Thanks for helping me to build my stash Kym!
Hope you like it!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Swap for Karen!

As I have heard that Karen has received her block I thought I would post a photo.

Karen requested a plaited block in complementary bright fabrics on white and having just bought a pink and orange fabric that I thought would be just right I got started right away!  It is actually a little brighter than it appears in the photo.

I love the way these blocks look and might just have to make a quilt of these one day.  Thanks for being my partner this month Karen!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February block for Lori

Here is the Bachelor's Puzzle block I made for Lori. I hope she likes it! It was a new block for me but I think it turned out just right and have added it to my stockpile of blocks that are fun to make :)

I will be popping this in the post for you tomorrow Lori, might check and see it weighs less than 50 grams first ;)



There has been a lot of emails lately regarding the rising cost of International postage, which is causing a few ladies (sadly) to leave QBSA.

I have been communicating with Cathy ( who runs the Christmas group ) at length over the past week to try and come up with a solution, questions we have been asking each other are:

Do we split into two groups? one international and Australia?

Do we stop swapping internationally and revert back to an Australian only group?

Do we leave it like it is, and let the members drop out if they don’t want to swap internationally?

Do we allow individual members the choice of swapping with their own country or with everyone in the group.

I have emailed all of the US members,  as it was firstly the US members that have been dropping out of the group due to a recent increase in postal charges.  I have given them the option to do USA only swaps or stay in the mix with everyone, and all but one have opted to stay swapping Internationally.  Which is really pleasing, as why join an Australian swap group, and not swap with Australians. 

There are a lot of tips on saving  postage and I thank you all for your feedback.   Lori has come up with a good solution for the US ladies which reads

So you may want to let these USA ladies know you keep your envelope to a business size 4.1/8 x 9.1/2 (USA) and get a global stamp $1.10 and you should have no troubles. It helps to go to the counter & ask 'what do you have available to this area.

I got stung today at the post office sending a parcel to the US, it contained two blocks, flat in a plastic zip lock bag and a note card.  As it weighed 71 grams it cost me $6.20 to post.  The post mistress informed me that us Aussies have also had a price rise and to get a letter to the US, its needs to weigh in less than 50 grams and be flat, so I guess that means no more double blocks, and lighter note cards.

I have therefore gone onto the Australian post website and can give you the current cost of posting to the US and other countries that we have regular swaps with and they are



( costs correct as at 5th Feb 2013)

under 50g   $2.35

50g – 250g   $6.20

250 – 500g  $14.20

Please bear in mind that these are posted as LETTERS, anything bulky will be treated as a parcel and the costs would increase accordingly.

So, where to from here.

To those ladies that we have made special arrangements with, we will honour that, but this is for a limited time as partners will run out.  Other than that, no changes will be made to the groups in the short term but we suggest that if postal costs are a concern to you, to be mindful of the weight of your letter before you head off to the post office.



Jan and Robyn, February Partners ...........

Robyn sent me this lovely pinwheel block, vibrant purple and two soft, gentle colours - they go together beautifully. Also a beaded, mini pincushion 'thingy' (Robyn's word) - very pretty as a keyring or purse decoration.

Robyn asked for a block with the theme of teapots or teacups in any style or method. I pieced a teapot in a collection of Asian style fabrics I bought recently, and made a tea cup Mug Mat as an extra.

Once I started exploring pieced patterns I found some for Angry Birds - this will be a purse for a grand daughter next month - and a quilt with the theme of The Hobbit. A grandson loves the Hobbit and Lord of The Ring so I will have time to complete the quilt for his birthday later in the year.

Thank you so much for my beautiful parcel,
I hope this block goes well with your others Robyn.
Happy stitching, Jan


In my last post I said this block came from Carolyn...
well OOPs it didn't hahaha
the lovely Kerry made it along with my spider web blocks...
 this is the block that the lovely Carolyn made me and the gorgeous fatty that she also sent...
both blocks are just what I wished for in the log cabin...
Thank you to you both for being wonderful partners...
Luv T xxx

My beautiful cushion from Robyn

Heres the beautiful cushion I received from Robyn....the center is woven fabrics...its just gorgeous!  She was also my QBSA partner for the month so she included my block and some extra awesome!

                      Thank you so much Robyn, I am thrilled!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Finally I am able to post in here photo's of my blocks that I have received the last couple of months...
due to my camera deciding to die just before Christmas I have not been able to post on my own blog or here...  any blocks I have made have gone out with no photo's taken either...
such a huge pain in the %#&&...
so here are my blocks from my January partner Kerry from Queensland
yes blocks...
two scrappy spider webs and look at this one with the spider in the corner...
 two blocks that I can use for labels when I have the quilt finished
 love the scrappiness of these blocks
 thank you ever so much Kerry...
and this one is from Carolyn my December partner
gorgeous colours and just what I wished for...
Carolyn also sent me a gorgeous fatty of blue...
Thank you Carolyn for being my partner...
Luv T xxx

January Block from Jane

I received this lovely block from Jane in Oz.

It will go perfectly with the others I've received.
Thanks, Jane!