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How to JOIN quilting block swaps Australia

Hello and thank you for visiting. This is a community group for all Australian quilters to join or just follow. Membership is FREE and you are partnered each month and we make each other a 12 inch quilt block based on our preferences which we swap. (12.5 inches raw edge to raw edge) The emphasis of the group is on friendship and sharing. To find out more or register to join email me on This purpose of this blog is to chat and showcase blocks and quilts made by members, kind of like a show and tell . Yours in stitching, Sue

Saturday, January 8, 2011


and to welcome our 50th Member to Quilting Blocks Swaps Australia,  Heather from Canada.

Now, as previously mentioned I was capping the membership at 50 as its hard work keeping up with all the swaps, emails blogs etc.  However the lovely Alex has offered to run a sister swap in conjunction with my main swap, similar to Crafty Pugs running the Christmas swap.  The only catch is if you are a member of group one (my group) you cannot also be a member of group 2 (for now).

So, how it will work is that Alex will design a blog that will link to the master blog with a button.  All new members will be redirected to join group 2.  When this group gets to a reasonable size we will then start switching some of the longer standing members from group one into group two so you can get to swap with members from that group as well. 

So keep tuned for the release of the new group and join me in congratulating and welcoming Alex as the new groups co-ordinator.

Quilted hugs, Sue xx


Cheryll said...

You have done a great job spreading the word Sue. Now Alex can help it go even further! Congrats on reaching 50. :)

Kathy said...

Congratulations Sue...thanks for starting the group. We're having so much fun!


Maria said...

WOW!! Congratulations on reaching 50 members and welcome to our new member too.
Good on you Alex for helping Sue out with another group.
Will be interesting to see how it will run.

Shauna said...

You ladies are AMAZINGGGGG..... Thank you so much for this and making it so organized.....

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Congratulations Sue. Thank you very much for starting the group and for all your hard work, keeping the swaps going. I'm loving to be a part of it.

Sylvia said...

Thanks so much for all your time and hard work. You both are amazing.