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How to JOIN quilting block swaps Australia

Hello and thank you for visiting. This is a community group for all Australian quilters to join or just follow. Membership is FREE and you are partnered each month and we make each other a 12 inch quilt block based on our preferences which we swap. (12.5 inches raw edge to raw edge) The emphasis of the group is on friendship and sharing. To find out more or register to join email me on This purpose of this blog is to chat and showcase blocks and quilts made by members, kind of like a show and tell . Yours in stitching, Sue

Thursday, April 10, 2014

we are 4

Quilting block swaps Australia has recently celebrated its 4th birthday, with over 100 ladies swapping in any one of our four swaps and a whopping 189 members now on our face book group page we have come a long way since I began this journey looking for some friends to swap quilt blocks with me. 

With the face book group growing rapidly, and the decline in the use of this blog as a result, I will only be putting up monthly posts on the blog.  In all honesty I think the blog will be replaced by the face book group, as not only can you upload photos straight from your phone, but you can live chat with other ladies, share pictures and so on, making it a much more interactive group.

I don't have any plans to close the blog down in the short term but I think there may come a day when its completely running via facebook.

So if you are not a member of our face book group, jump on over and send a request to join, both Cathy and I jointly co ordinate this and its a one stop for all of the groups. ( this is different to our Facebook page which you would " Like".).

There is a birthday giveaway on the face book group, running until April 18th, so whats stopping you, jump on over and take a peek.


Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

Happy Birthday QBSA :)

Maria said...

Happy 4th Birthday to QBSA.
Thank you Sue for being our swap Mum . I love being in the group and I am about to put the blocks together for quilt four from our swap.

Jo said...

Happy birthday to all in the group.
I hope it doesn't just go yo Facebook. I'm not a follower of that.
Will wait yo see what happens